McCormick Frame 2

Currently in Massachusetts we are at the beginning of a political campaign to elect a new governor. It’s so early in the race that prior to today no commercials had even run. All of that changed when this morning the spot from the Independent candidate, Jeff McCormick began airing.

To produce the spot, his campaign turned to Ivy Creative.

Shot beside the Charles River in Cambridge, the :30 commercial was designed to introduce McCormick to a wider TV and internet audience, while also framing the goals he has for the commonwealth.

It opens with a quote from President Kennedy, used to set the tone for the independent candidate’s campaign, “Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer.”

McCormick Frame 3Ivy and a strong production team took advantage of a perfect afternoon along the Charles to create beautiful images, which when combined with the messaging created a strong and memorable introductory spot.

Here are links to two articles about the launch of this advertising campaign from the Globe and Herald.

Boston Globe

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In addition, Ivy produced this second spot for the McCormick campaign highlighting his life, successful business history and plans for Massachusetts.